How to Get Your Child Excited About Wearing Braces

Dr. Carr and our Roy, Utah orthodontist team know that kids can have different reactions when it comes to getting braces. For some kids, the idea of getting braces is an exciting one as it means they are becoming more grownup. For others, the idea of regular trips to the orthodontist and having a “metal mouth” are something they feel nervous and uncertain about. Fortunately, you can help your child become more excited about wearing braces by following these tips.

  • Offer your child a treat to look forward to following the placement of her braces. A trip to the playground, park, or family fun center are all excellent types of activities your child can look forward to enjoying once she gets her braces. By associating the fun activity with your child’s orthodontic visit, it will help to create a sense of excitement that will leave her looking forward to the appointment. Because your child’s teeth and gums will be a little sore after having her braces placed, planning a physical activity is a safer choice than rewarding your child with a tasty treat.
  • Assure your child you’ll be nearby during the entire appointment. Knowing that a parent is nearby can make all the difference to some younger patients unsure about letting a stranger invade their personal space. If your child feels very uncomfortable with the idea of being left alone during the appointment, talk with Dr. Carr about accompanying your child back to the treatment room while his braces are being placed.
  • Get your child excited about her new smile. It’s easy to explain to children how great their new smile will look once their treatment is complete, but it’s much harder for children to actually visualize what their new smiles will look like. To give your child a proper representation, show her before and after photos of different kids who’ve completed orthodontic treatment. This can be an especially useful tactic to use with kids who have already expressed embarrassment over the current state of their smile.
  • Let your child color his braces. Dr. Carr offers a wide selection of color rubber bands for placement on the brackets of his patient’s braces. Whether it’s seasonal, school, or holiday colors, your child will love the chance to make an important decision on his own. The color of your child’s braces can also help to establish his personality so he won’t have to worry about not liking how his braces look.
  • Help your child relax. To help your child relax before her appointment with Roy, Utah orthodontist Dr. Carr try playing some music she likes on the way to the office, give her a tasty snack, or make some quiet time for her to relax. Try to arrive at our office a little in advance of your child’s appointment so she will have a few more moments to relax. Make sure your child understands that you know how she is feeling and that it is natural to feel this way. Remind your child that the short period of time they spend at our office is nothing compared to what enjoying a great-looking smile for a lifetime means.