Types Of Braces

At Dr. Carr Orthodontics, we offer Ceramic Braces or Damon Brackets as options for braces. Don’t wait to get the healthier, better looking smile you’ve always wanted.

Early Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment can help prevent serious long-term problems from developing that could require longer, more complicated procedures to treat in the future.

Braces For Teens

If you believe your teenager needs braces, Roy orthodontist Dr. Carr will meet with you for a free consultation to determine which orthodontic treatment will best fit your personal needs.

Braces For Adults

In no uncertain terms, Dr. Carr believes that you are NEVER too old to get braces as the types of dental issues that they’re designed to correct can occur at literally any age – even later on in life.

Braces FAQs

Dr. Carr Orthodontics answers frequently asked questions you may have about braces.