Types of Braces Available

When a teenager thinks about braces, they usually think about images of their peers’ mouths filled with uncomfortable-looking metal brackets that are all connected to one another via a series of tight metal wires. While this may have absolutely been true in the past, the good news is that it isn’t today – in fact, there are a number of different treatment options available for you to choose from depending on your needs.

These include ones like:

  • Ceramic braces, which are exactly what they sound like. Instead of the brackets being made out of an uncomfortable metal material, they’re made out of a much more thoughtfully constructed ceramic instead. Not only is this a far more comfortable treatment option, but it’s much more discreet as well.
  • Pitts 21 braces, which are a unique type of self-ligating system that has also become quite popular in recent years. The braces have a unique “door” that holds the wires in place, positioned slightly away from the surface of the teeth. Because the wires aren’t pressing directly against the teeth as they would be with traditional braces, your teeth will gently move into the desired position over time in a much more comfortable way than they would because less pressure is required.

If you’re having a difficult time determining which type of braces is right for you, don’t worry – Dr. Carr will go over everything with you during your initial consultation so that you can make the best decision possible moving forward.

How Long Will I Wear Braces?

This is a difficult question, as the answer obviously varies wildly depending on the patient and a number of other factors. In general, the total length of time that you’ll go through treatment will depend not only on the type of treatment but also the severity of the case, your age and how well you take care of both your teeth and braces for the duration of time you’re wearing them.

What Foods Should I Avoid?

The vast majority of all people find that they don’t have to alter their diet in any appreciable way when wearing braces. Having said that, there are still a few types of foods you’ll probably want to avoid. These include ones like:

  • Any type of particularly hard food or sticky candy.
  • Any type of chewy foods
  • Any foods that you need to bite into to eat properly, like hard candies or hard pretzels.

The Benefits of Braces

Overall, braces bring with them a wide range of benefits that you simply won’t be able to get through any other means – and that is especially true for teenagers in particular.

Not only do braces help to dramatically improve the quality of your bite, but they’re also a great way to fix certain problems now before they become much more severe down the road (like chronic headaches, for example).

Likewise, braces are a perfect way to improve your self-esteem and to finally enjoy that perfect smile you’ve always seen for yourself. All told, treatment progresses faster and with far less discomfort if you get braces when you’re a teen as opposed to going through treatment as an adult – meaning that it’s normally a pretty good idea for most people.

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth, please don’t delay – call our office today. Dr. Carr is excited to meet with you for complimentary consult to determine exactly which orthodontic treatment will best fit your personal needs.