Early Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can benefit your smile and help improve your oral health during any stage of your life. However, for our younger patients, early orthodontic treatment can help prevent serious long-term problems from developing that could require longer, more complicated procedures to treat in the future. That’s why Dr. Carr recommends patients come in for their first orthodontic evaluation as soon as the adult molars erupt (usually by the age of 8).

Dr. Carr uses panoramic x-rays to determine the current state of a child’s oral health. This provides Dr. Carr with the ability to spot the signs of crowding, crooked or misaligned teeth that require orthodontic treatment to correct. For many children, early issues with the development of their adult teeth will eventually self-correct. However, for kids with serious development issues, early treatment can straighten their smile quicker and more conveniently than if treatment begins during their pre-teen or teenage years.

Some of the benefits of early orthodontic treatment include:

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean and are much less likely to develop cavities or other oral health problems. Early orthodontic treatment allows children to enjoy better oral health during their formative years, which greatly impacts their oral health as adults.
  • Early orthodontic care can be critical to a child’s confidence. Children with straight, beautiful teeth are more likely to feel positive and succeed in their social interactions. Providing your child with a straight, uniform smile can play a critical role in his or her development as a teenager, and can have a positive impact on their happiness as adults.
  • With early orthodontic care, we can diagnose potential misalignment issues and develop a treatment plan. The earlier treatment begins, the easier an issue is to correct. Early orthodontic care can save you time, resources and expense.
  • By making oral health a priority, younger patients are better able to understand the importance of oral care and are more likely to develop good dental habits. Developing good oral habits is vital to the longevity and health of a patient’s smile.

By evaluating your child’s teeth early, Roy orthodontist Dr. Carr can develop a treatment plan that will help your child grow into a straight and beautiful smile. With early treatment from Dr. Carr and his staff at Carr Orthodontics, you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your child’s smile and your child’s oral health.

Dr. Carr’s Philosophy

If you’ve called around or looked at other orthodontists’ websites, you might be thinking that there is a lot of pressure put on parents to have their children in braces by the time they’re eight years old. Dr. Carr will never pressure you to start early treatment. He believes in treating the patient only for what is necessary. He will only recommend braces for a child if they are needed. When you meet with Dr. Carr, you will discover that you can rest easy – he truly has you and your child’s best interests at heart!

To find out more about early treatment, call us at our Roy orthodontist office. We are happy to answer any questions you might have, or to schedule an appointment or consultation.